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The power of body art
Tattoos and body piercings represent elements of one’s identity. So the process of getting a tattoo or piercing forges a very personal bond between oneself, the art, and the artist.

Respecting the power
At Irezumi we have learnt to respect the power of this experience and therefore put everything into giving you the best possible tattoo or body piercing.

Immersion in the art
This has meant immersing ourselves in the art. Seven years ago when Naveen felt drawn towards tattoos and decided he wanted to open his own tattoo studio, he spent a year and a half shuttling between Thailand and India, immersing himself in the world of tattoos. He knew that he had to make himself the best he could possibly be.

Bringing the art to Chennai
People warned him that Chennai might be a hard market to crack, but Naveen knew that if he had been drawn towards body art, others would too. And he was right. From the day Irezumi opened in July 2006, we have had a regular stream of customers. Naveen now specializes in tattoo designs that may look abstract but have hidden meanings!

Never stop raising the bar
Three years on and all of us have been trained professionally. We have over 8000 tattoos and body piercings in our portfolio, and millions of designs shared with us by artists from all over the world. Yet, we have seen that when you help express identities, you can never stop pushing yourself. This is what we do. This is our promise. We let our work speak for itself, any doubts and suggestions, please drop by our studio and express yourself. We are all ears.

irezumi studio irezumi studio

irezumi studio irezumi studio

irezumi studio irezumi studio




Coimbatore's first professional tattoo & body piercing studio

509 Red Rose Plaza    D B Road   R S Puram   Coimbatore 641 002    Ph: +91 422 4200412

1430 1st Floor    KSM Building  Avinashi Road   Peelemedu    Coimbatore 641 004    Ph: +91 422 4383829

Open Mondays to Sundays from 10 am to 10 pm
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